Our Standard

How does one define perfection?

The concept of “perfect” may vary from one individual to another, and can be an elusive ideal. At Ai Design, we prefer to define ourselves by the standard we set for our company and our work. This is more than a lofty goal. It’s actionable. It’s real. And it demands that we not just aspire to it, but meet it, every single day. This informs our mission: 


Our design process, our extensive expertise, our range of tooling, and our quality of materials are the pillars of our work, ensuring that our results always meet our standard and endure.

Matt Figliola

With over 25 years in business, our founder Matt brings his extensive expertise and problem-solving to every project. His creative vision, design thinking process, and respect for the value of even the smallest details, result in unique and elegant solutions for his clients.

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Our Team

…is nothing short of astonishing. They genuinely are craftsman. They are deeply experienced and the vast majority of them are tenured 10+ years with our company. Their abilities cover a wide range and overlap from one to another, and together there is nothing they cannot make.

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Our Partners

We are quality hounds by nature. In addition to using the highest-quality goods, we care deeply about working with the highest-quality partners. We collaborate with many great firms, subcontractors, and suppliers, for parts, materials, and services - too many to attempt to list them all here. A list wouldn’t do them sufficient justice, as they play such a valuable role in our business - our most trusted partners are reliable, they understand our standard, and assist us to get there.

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Press & Testimonials

It is nice to be acknowledged and thought well of. Here are some nicely penned considerations clients and industry folk have said of us.

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