At Ai Design, we are craftsmen –
we work like a guild, bringing
decades of experience, to offer
our clients the widest range of
capabilities and services.

At Ai Design, we are
craftsmen – we work
like a guild, bringing
decades of experience,
to offer our clients
the widest range of
capabilities and services.

Our team has extensive expertise, cultivated across countless makes and models of vehicles, new and old.

Modern cars differ greatly from cars of the past. They are, ever increasingly, electronic devices. There is hardly an area of a modern car that does not reveal this. With our mastery of automotive electronics we can deftly handle any kind of addition or modification. We cut our teeth on electronics, and integrating new gear into automobiles is the backbone of where we stand today.

Additionally, modern cars have never been more detailed or wide-ranging in physical scale. We excel at the granular as well as the larger. Tiny intricate details are no match – we slay these. We also welcome large-scale work, and everything in between. We have the experience, the hands, the tools, and the space to render with great precision any idea in the spectrum of today’s automobile.

We are equally adept with older vehicles, classic cars and historical restorations. We have vast experience in traditional and hand-crafted techniques, complementing our knowledge of modern electronics and leading edge technologies. The breadth of this toolkit is what we bring to every project.

Below are several areas of expertise and services we offer (and we’ll soon expand this section of our website further, to share a deeper dive into each category in greater detail).


Large-scale projects require top notch tooling, a highly functioning facility and superb craftsmen. We also bring great design chops and the ability to communicate ideas through drawings and renderings. Above all else, our management of each project is the critical ingredient: from the choreography and cadence of the work, to the administrative details like part-sourcing, it is key to a proper outcome and a high standard met.


A new category we are excited to offer, EV conversions entail replacing a fuel combustion engine and its corresponding systems with an electric motor and batteries, to convert to an electric vehicle. No small task, this requires significant planning, specialized knowledge and safety considerations. Our electrical backbone, creativity and style pair perfectly with this end. EV conversions in classic cars and EV resto-rods are a future we see clearly.


Program-minded tuning is our standard approach to enhancing performance of European and domestic vehicles. Additionally, tuners such as Brabus, Brembo, Callaway, Pogea Racing and RENNtech are some of our partners. These firms specialize in a particular car marque or car part segment, and provide us with reliable, safe and powerful up-fits for their specialties. Aerodynamics, engine tuning, suspension tuning and braking are general areas which make up this segment.


Design, coachwork and trim work make up a proper custom interior. We draw inspiration from many exquisite and vintage British and Italian interiors as well as the more spartan German/Bauhaus aesthetic. We put great emphasis on the bones - the coachwork - forming panels and shapes, sculpting the interior. Trim work finishes it off, painting the interior in leathers, fabrics, carpets - it’s an art, and brings challenges that we welcome.


Car Audio was Matt’s entry point to cars. A love of music sparked a passion for absolute integration of the parts and components of a proper audio system. It is a love shared by many of our staff and clients. We have evolved this tremendously over decades to deliver high fidelity listening experiences of varying magnitudes, integrated so seamlessly into the cockpit that they’re virtually invisible.


So wide ranging! We lay in wiring and hardware for a multitude of electronic systems, including hard-modifications to OEM body control features. These can be elaborate, and require significant design to ensure that our wiring is of the same (or better) quality and appearance as the OEM wiring. Mindful of where to physically situate it, we offer friendly disconnects and routing that a dealership tech can work with easily. We take pride in this level of thoughtfulness and care.


Adding lights could certainly be considered entry level customization, but to integrate great lighting, we make custom parts nearly always - fabricating steel or aluminum brackets, welding, powder coating, CAD-designing and 3D-printing custom bezels and trims - whatever it takes for the lamp to sit right, look right, and perform right. From simple to complex, from the ubiquitous fog lamp to dimmer-controlled hidden interior or ambient lighting, we can integrate it.


Over thirty years ago this was a very exclusive product that few could afford let alone install. We were the first to remote-mount a Valentine 1 the week it was released in 1992. We were first to situate a radar display behind the glass of a rear view mirror, and first to use CAD and 3D printing to integrate radar/laser displays and controls. Their complexity fuels our design of unique solutions for optimal performance.

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We refer to our detailing and paint care offerings as the Trinity. There are 3 major stages to this package, including Paint Correction, Paint Protection Film, and Ceramic Coating. We have thoroughly researched and tested our methods and materials for these processes, to offer a comprehensive package appropriate and beneficial to all vehicles, old and new.

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