Designed for a client who promotes music festivals and public-assembly events, this RV elevates van life to a new level.

Of all our projects, this cheerful camper may hold the record for prompting the most spontaneous smiles and inquiries when anyone enters our shop. It’s truly an eye-catcher. This RV is a 1977 GMC Kingsley Motorhome, meticulously restored, repainted, and customized for our client, a concert promoter with many seasonal events that reveal a deep reverence for community and collective experience. He wanted to commission a custom camper, especially for future summer festival seasons.

Next, when the RV was delivered to our shop in NY, we began the full custom build.

Next, more of the plumbing was set in place, particularly for the RV bathroom, and more of the structural framework – additional walls and furniture.

The next big portion of work was completing the bathroom and kitchen. In addition to the plumbing and installing of faucets and shower, we designed and commissioned custom-made resin sinks, and innovated a lighter-weight and more road-worthy approach for non-ceramic faux tile walls, as shown in this next series of photos.

Our final stages consisted of: completing the remaining walls and ceiling (and upholstering for some of those panels), as well as final installation and testing of any remaining plumbing and electronics.

We’ll close with some photos of the finished RV, ready for summer music festival fun!

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