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We’re more likely to be found installing a custom air horn in a client’s car than tooting our own horn, so we feel humbled and appreciative when we receive press and testimonials from our clients and folks in the industry. We respect and value their words and their time, and they further propel us to keep doing what we do, to our highest standard.

“Ai Design is the Skunkworks of car customization... I have always found Matt and his team at Ai looking to solve unique problems with creative solutions, always hands on, and always making me feel like my car is in good hands.”
J.F. Musial, New Jersey
“I’ve never come across a company who is as fastidious about a car as its owner, until I met Matt and the Ai Design team. These guys are the real deal. Their work is as good - if not better - than factory. My biggest problem is that now that I’ve dealt with them, I can’t settle for anyone else working on my cars.”
Mat, NYC
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