Matt Figliola

Our founder, Matt Figliola, started engineering audio and electronics solutions even before he started working on cars. Matt has always loved music. At around 8 years old, he modified his Panasonic flip clock radio to amplify it with an additional speaker. In his teens, he worked on his friend John's Pontiac Sunbird, installing new speakers, then continuing to tailor it for the best sound and peak performance. Matt was intrigued by the role of the car itself as an integrated apparatus of parts working together. And what thrilled him, both then and to this day, was the joy of making things.

From this point of entry, Matt further developed his expertise and founded Ai Design as a small garage specializing in electronics, audio/video systems, and security. Over time, he expanded operations to include all facets of aftermarket automotive personalization.

After 5+ years of running Ai Design from a storefront shop on Route 22, Matt relocated the studio to a larger dedicated space, still our current location. In this photo, Matt is contemplating this new blank canvas on Day 1.

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“To be humbly and completely honest, I’ve never been entirely comfortable describing my business or what I do - there's never been a concise, neat description that fully captures it, and I deflect at times to jokingly refer to it simply as ‘my lemonade stand.' However, what I do know, what I can say without hesitation, is that at Ai Design, our team and I are all artists. We create new and unique things, every day. We are artisans with mastery of our craft, but we're also innovators who aren't afraid to explore a different approach to find a better way to make something work. We use our creativity, our knowledge, our experience, our studio and our tools, to create fresh and important solutions, which all telegraph our style, quality and ethic.”

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