For this vehicle, our client wanted to add a lot more functionality and storage, tailored to his off-road uses.

This was a cool project for an awesome client of ours, who always brings us interesting and ambitious ideas for his growing fleet of impressive vehicles.

For this ICON FJ44, his wish list included: a significantly re-imagined rear storage system, thoughtfully compartmentalized for easy organization and access to various gear; rear HVAC for his dogs, who often travel with him; a sturdier and more utilitarian roof rack; a richer audio experience; plus some auxiliary lighting and accessories.

This next series of photos shows the significant audio upgrade we performed in the FJ44.

Our next big element to this project was the roof rack. Our client wanted to maintain the look and essence of the ICON rack, but modify it to add a platform and tie-down system, to accommodate significantly greater weight-bearing capacity, plus auxiliary lighting.

Additionally, we added several other electrical upgrades and custom features to the FJ44, as shown in this last series of photos.

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