Our Hands

Watch our Team video to meet our staff and learn about the awesome people whose hands steer the incredible work of Ai Design.

Chris Pound

Fabricator & Audio Specialist
The Fabricator! Give him some wood, plastic, resin, CA glue, some tools - throw those in a sandbox, put him in it, and he'll have fun for days! A highly skilled man's man fabricator, capable of making just about anything and living up to a lofty standard, always.

Henry Daza

Senior PPF/Films/Coatings Technician
The perfectionist. The expert who does not realize he is in fact The Expert. Henry is a man who is exceptionally detail-oriented, which makes him perfect for the application of Paint Protection Film and all of the other cosmetic-related car and paint-care actions that he performs for the company. No one does these things better than he.

Herminio Pena

Electronics Technician
This gentle-hearted man can really do anything electrical in nature. A real wizard with automotive electrical systems and all of the associated work in fitting new electronics into that medium. An expert at his craft. One of the very best. True understanding of what he does and he takes great pride in it.

Kenny Karasinski

Assistant Manager, Senior Tech & Tiny-Master
The Watchmaker, as he is known here, is more than at home when the work gets tiny and detailed. In fact he prefers it. Small stuff for Ken is like catnip. This very detailed man exacts true detail into Ai Design's workmanship, daily. He also has the honored designation of having been with the company the longest!

Mark Palines

Production Manager & Automotive Tech
Production Manager, Project Coordinator, and Main Wrench on the beat. Reserved, quiet and kind. Able, smart and considerate. A man who can handle and liaise with clients, subcontractors, and the very challenging car-dealership genome!

Matt Kim

Electronics Technician
Matt’s road to Ai Design has been a unique one. After earning a bachelor degree in biochemistry, and on a path to medical school and becoming a physician, Matt took a massive detour as the car bug bit him…hard. He did a complete 180 in his career and using his impressive skillsets, has become a truly gifted automotive electronics technician. Matt has quickly acclimated himself to the Ai ethos and is immersing himself in the advanced technology and tools available to him within these walls.

Matt has perfected his craft over the last few years while upgrading his own cars. His current daily driver, a Tesla Model S, has won audio competitions coast-to-coast for the custom system he designed and built. Matt is a lifelong martial artist, specializing in Jiu Jitsu and Tae Kwon Do which is a family tradition and something he remains passionate about.


We can’t tell you his real identity. We call him Ninja. He is our IT Ninja. He manages our network and handles our service, with the most cutting edge gear on the market. He designs and manages many of the in-car networks, sophisticated mobile modems, enterprise quality DVR’s, etc. that we install in some of our high profile projects. Cisco, Microsoft, Palo Alto, VM Ware and Peplink certified! Ninja is not to be messed with!

Revital Wanerman

Executive Assistant & HR Administrator
Personal assistant to Matt and HR liaison to our staff, Revi is an adept communicator and handler of many things Ai. A human resources manager is a new position in Ai’s history, and we are well stacked with her capability in this effort.

Ryan Offenhartz

Sales Manager & Project Coordinator
Max-competency and lumping spoonfuls of automobile knowledge are at-the-ready when interacting with Ryan. He cut his teeth on Automobile Restoration in his past lives and as a result makes a keyed-fit to our standard.

Todd Henderson

General Manager
Back for his second tour with Ai Design, we're so pleased to have Todd rejoin our team. Deeply knowledgeable about cars, business operations and management, Todd brings an incredible disposition and work ethic, and deftly oversees our day-to-day work, always with an eye towards smart expansion and growth.

Vinny Ditaranto

Senior Automotive Technician
Vinny brings a diversified technical background to Ai Design, including a recent stint with a boutique supercar manufacturer. With over 20 years of mechanical and engineering experience, Vinny’s easygoing attitude masks a highly disciplined focus on quality, as well as a highly-tuned sense of detail.
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