Our client for this project requested an Adventure Van for some multi-day camping trips with family and friends.

The first phase of this project was some initial discovery – to determine the features and functionality it would need, as well as a rough sense of overarching look-and-feel.

We created a survey with some questions and visual thought-starters for our client, asking about intended outdoor activities/gear, cooking and plumbing requirements, sleeping needs, and aesthetic preferences. Based on these answers and early conversations with the client, we started to design layouts. As for the base vehicle, we agreed upon a 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van, for a heavy-duty and utterly reliable foundation for his Adventure Van conversion.

Once these preliminary considerations and a rough floor plan were approved by the client, we ordered the van, and started prepping for the actual work to begin.

While the exterior and engine bay were being optimized for better performance, ease of maintenance, and increased off-road capabilities, we also began working on the van’s interior.

Back to the main living area of the Adventure Van, this next series of images shows more of the interior fabrication.

With the Adventure Van nearly complete, our final steps were some fine-tuning and last details.

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