This 1932 Ford Deuce Roadster is an entirely custom build from the ground up. Every element is intentional, inspired by our client’s vision, and carefully steered through our design process.

The Ford ’32 Deuce has been the muse of countless hot rod builds. One could easily make the point that hot-rodding was born out of early enthusiasts whose modifications to this malleable model were the first to be called and known as ’hot rods.’ We’d guess there’s a ’32 in everyone’s visual dictionary for the word ‘hot rod’ - this must be so!

For our client, a ’32 was on his car collection bucket list well before he met us. He had mentioned it here and there over the span of 2 years and then one day came into our shop to say he was ready. He had a very good idea of the big, foundational features he wanted us to design into his ’32 Deuce:

Next, there were myriad secondary decisions to be made regarding the interior, colors, wheels, brakes, engine bay priming, gauges, bumpers, lighting, etc. Our client was at every meeting, anxious always to talk Deuce and design the feature-set he wanted.

Notable among these:

And of course, a lot of thoughtful consideration, decisions, and care were devoted to the engine, drivetrain/suspension/braking and performance. For anyone who enjoys geeking out over these details as much as we do, here are some of the specs:

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