Paint Care Trinity
& Detailing

Paint Care Trinity
& Detailing

We refer to our detailing and paint care offerings as the Trinity. Trinity refers to the three points of a triangle, as there are three major and equally significant points to our paint care package. Paint Correction restores and enhances the paint to deliver a maximum state of shine, depth and color vibrancy. Paint Protection Film (PPF) guards the paint from pebble and stone chips, scratches, etc. And Ceramic Coating lays over it all with an invisible layer of additional protection which boosts gloss and eases maintenance, behaving like a supercharged wax and a coat of armor simultaneously.

Sometimes one component such as PPF can be done independently, depending on the vehicle and its needs, but generally we recommend performing all three in conjunction on important automobiles, old and new. Customized prep for Concours condition may also be available upon request.


Paint Correction is a dynamically stepped process for the removal of scratches, marks and defects in the clear coat and paint finish of a vehicle’s paintwork. Steps include decontamination, compounding and polishing to restore the paint. When done professionally and correctly, remarkable results are achieved for intense color vibrancy with terrific gloss that can easily rival the very best paint on a showroom-new vehicle. In fact, when done properly, it's not only the paint and color that are corrected — a well-executed correction will actually enhance the definition of the vehicle's contours, lines and details. The results can be astonishing. And this process produces results for new and old cars alike.

Paint correction will remove most light haze, water stains, bird droppings, and natural fall-out that causes etching, light scratches, swirls, light holograms, or buffer trails created from poor attempts or improper use of machine polishers, etc. Paint correction will not remove deep scratches, stone chips, paint cracks, or heavy orange peel – these typically require body work, re-painting, or in the case of orange peel, block-style wet sanding. That said, we can perform some specific touch-ups to fill certain chips and scratches, resulting in a thoughtful, smooth and level repair.


Paint protection film (PPF) is a clear or matte polyurethane ‘rubber’ film which is applied to a vehicle’s painted surface. Its primary job is to protect the paint from pebble and road-debris strikes. There are limits to its effectiveness but under most conditions it does its job very well and can prevent countless paint chips from occurring. There are ever-evolving brands and products on the market, and some of these work better for particular applications, such as vehicles with matte finishes. So we are always researching and exploring the latest tools and products to find the best options available for our clients’ needs.

With PPF applied, washing the car is less labor intensive, due to PPF’s ability to repel dust and dirt build-up on the vehicle. PPF can also be ceramic coated for the absolute best shine and protection. PPF enhances optical clarity of the vehicle paint when in conjunction with a properly executed paint correction and an application of ceramic coating – the combination is stunning because the paint is in near perfect condition at this point.


Ceramic coating is a premium substitution for wax. When applied it bonds to a vehicle’s paint surface on a molecular level. This is superior protection with the added benefit of very low paint maintenance for extended periods of time. Where typical wax and sealants break down rapidly, ceramic coatings can last years at a time with the proper maintenance. Ceramic coatings work by forming a bond with the surface and then extending physical protection to the painted surface as the coating is harder than the paint itself. With different formulations of ceramic coatings, protection can be afforded to other substrates aside from paint, such as wheels, leather and window glass.

Ceramic coatings are extremely durable and would require aggressive machine polishing to remove, so it’s important to make sure any swirls, scratches and contaminants are corrected prior to its application, because once it cures it will lock in the condition of the paint beneath.

In addition to this trinity of paint care, we also perform some additional detailing services for every vehicle we treat. Prior to ceramic coating, wheels and tires are scrubbed to ensure that all dirt and brake dust has been agitated and removed. The engine bay is degreased and cleaned, taking care to cover and protect the intake, alternator, and any electrical connections. The interior is approached top to bottom, addressing every surface including seats, panels, floor mats, carpet, windshield, windows, dash and trim. Any leather is chemically cleaned before a conditioner or protective coating is applied. We take great care in choosing products that will not alter the appearance or color of the leather, while adding durable protection. Floor mats are removed and scrubbed. Carpet, seats and panel crevices are vacuumed, and any stains or trouble areas are spot cleaned and treated. A fabric coat product can also be applied to add a strong barrier against dirt and UV rays.

Every automobile is different: model, age, condition, the way it is used, the way it is stored, the way you like to keep it. The Trinity is our framework for paint care, detailing and the maintenance of the finishes throughout the automobile. We would be happy to discuss your automobile’s cosmetic care at any time.